In Dipl.-Phys. Ing. Thomas Flauger and his cooperation partners you trust since 1996.
We support the CEO and innovation teams in business development projects.


We first show you market successes in which we have been involved and have influenced the markets. This is how we underline our competence not only to create the Business Development concepts, but also to quickly implement them with you.

Fuel Consumption Measurement

Precise fuel consumption measurement for large diesel engines is a prime example of Real Good Business Development. This alternative to the mechanical fuel gauge is based on the patent AT 406 615 B of 1998, in which Dipl.-Phys. Ing. Thomas Flauger is named as the inventor. USP`s are the high-precision measurement despite pulsating fuel flow applied directly at the engine. The technical features make measurement possible in the first place. The communication of the USP’s guarantees maximum attention. On the basis of permanent market analyses, marktet communication and sales support tools are always adapted to current market topics, for example to the IMO regulations “Fuel Oil Consumption Data Collection System for Ships”. We have set the ball rolling because many well-known maritime suppliers are successfully developing this technology further.

Fuel Pumps with Magnetic Coupling

In 2007, Hamburg shipowners learned of the world’s first heavy oil pump with magnetic coupling as a hermetically sealed alternative to the mechanical seal at the Scientific Institute for Shipping and Naval History. The R&D department of the manufacturer had found out the USP’s: hermetic sealed and suitability for significant higher temperatures than with a conventional mechanical sealing. Thomas Flauger and his cooperation partners were responsible for the worldwide communication of the USP’s and for the marketing-concept of winning a completely new target group. Here, too, the perfect fit between technology features and market communication was the key to success. Today, magnetically coupled pumps from a wide range of manufacturers are standard in the booster modules of marine and power plant engines.

Zylinder Schmierölmessung

Cylinder Luboil Measurement

Another innovation of highest benefit, which attracted attention through the award-winning advertising campaign with the oil-flooded salad bowl (Source: The idea comes from a cooperation partner and shows how our analysis of the USP’s can support your communication agency. The cylinder lubricating oil measurement prevents the cylinders of 2-stroke large diesel engines from overlubricating by means of a precise measurement. Previously, the lubricating oil quantity was adjusted manually with the help of a table of values. The “safety surcharge” on the table value led to the damaging overlubrication of the cylinders.

Business Development

We support managers in their future projects. Even if managers know the necessary future projects, they often don’t have the time for the necessary analyses, structuring and evaluations in the busy day-to-day business. We work with managers so that they can decide the direction of future projects on the basis of facts during their day-to-day business. With us you get started and reduce the number of unfinished projects.

We identify options for action. As a manager, you decide.

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We identify, structure and evaluate the knowledge of those involved in the project.

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We determine, structure and evaluate current information about your markets and competitors.

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We create a target image that is strategically coherent, economically attractive and emotionally inspiring.

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With us you can get into real action after your strategy work and score points with USP’s to the competition.

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We implement all results with your sales and worldwide distribution partners in the market.

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Cooperation Partners

Dipl.-Phys. Ing. Thomas Flauger

Thomas Flauger Business Development

Our method is universally applicable. We build business development from the inside out. I take great pleasure in empowering young teams to do things themselves. My work should be sustainable. If you wish, we can bring proven methods, processes and tools into your quality management system.

Thomas Gschossmann

zurgams communication agency

Working with Thomas Flauger, we have experienced how important continuous business development is for the development of new strategies and business models. The precise methodology delivers very profound results. This approach has convinced us very much – for our customers, but also for our own development.

Mag. Simon Ender

Ender Advertisement

The “Thomas Flauger Business Development” method is unique. No other concept provides us with the communication content so uncompromisingly from the strategy.

Mag. Michael Defranceschi

Defranceschi Consulting

Richtig Gutes Business Development ist die Kunst, die Welt durch neue Augen zu betrachten: Brachliegende Chancen zu erkennen, mutig anzupacken und gemeinsam erfolgreich umzusetzen.


We offers executive support and assists you in four specialist disciplines so that future projects can be implemented quickly and simultaneously in the specialist departments: Market analysis, product or service development, communication and sales. This is how you are guaranteed to get started.
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Analysis of core and trend markets

  • Starting conversation to coordinate the markets and competitors you are interested in.
  • Starting conversation about the print and online media, associations, trade fairs, congresses, etc. specializing in your markets.
  • Analysis of the market and trend topics that are currently of the highest interest in the markets you are interested in.
  • Analyse which content your competition communicates on market and trend topics.
  • Analysis of the technologies or services with which your competitors serve the current market themes and which intentions they publish on the trend themes.
  • Analysis of the technologies or services with which your competitors serve the current market themes and which intentions they publish on the trend themes.
  • Workshop to record your in-house knowledge about opportunities, market and competitive situations.
  • Combining your in-house knowledge with the external regoo market and competition analysis to create a clearly structured presentation of the actual situation in poster size.
  • Workshop to present the current situation followed by a joint agreement on concrete tasks with which you can get started.

Identification and innovation of products and services with unique selling points to the competition

  • Workshop to compare your existing technologies or services AND your market communication to the current market topics in comparison to your competitors.
  • Workshop to identify the potential unique selling propositions of technology AND market communication.
  • Achievement of an amicable decision by the executives on the intended positioning in the competitive environment, taking into account the current market and competitor situation, which is now well known.
  • supporting technology AND sales with marketing in finding ideas for technologies, services, marketing and sales strategies.
  • Regoo accompanies the implementation exactly where you need it.

Market communication with a consistent focus on your unique selling propositions

Internal communication

      • regoo summarizes all results in a poster-size target image.
      • Workshop to agree about the target image with a special focus on a technically sound, transparent and easy-to-understand presentation of the significance of the future project.
      • Planning of the internal communication of the target image, in particular to get concerned and critical employees emotionally on board.

External communication

      • Joint formulation of convincing sales arguments from the target image with a special focus on the USP’s.
      • Creation of content for the entire advertising spectrum with a consistent focus on your USP’s.
      • Examples: Brochures, advertisements, flyers, magazine inserts, website, microsite and landing page content, trade fair and congress stand design, abstracts and papers for lectures, press articles, etc.

Equipping the sales department with up to date sales support tools

Own sales departement

      • Conception and updating of the sales support tools, which fit perfectly with the advertising information.
      • Ensuring that the sales support tools are consistently based on the strategic market and competitive analysis as well as on the management’s decisions on positioning compared to the competition.
      • Concrete creation of sales support tools by regoo, wherever you need them.

Worldwide sales partners

      • Expert discussion about business development projects for selected, worldwide sales partners.


With us you come into action

You are interested in the trend “digitization”? We are sure that advantage of the rich print, online and event offerings. Why are you attending a congress? Because you want to know whether your business is also at risk by digitization and because you expect useful tips from the experts on stage. You write along and photograph interesting presentations. Back in the office, despite your best intentions, you don’t get the chance to exploit the flood of information.

For what you wanted to do, we took enough time. We continuously identify and structure the drivers and fields of action of digitization. For this purpose, we evaluate congresses, books and specialist articles. We are highly topical. Our last update is based on Summit Industrie 4.0 (Festspielhaus Bregenz, 12.12.2018) and Dis.Kurs Zukunft (Festspielhaus Bregenz, 30.1.2019).

There you go:

  • In short, to create a common understanding of the drivers and fields of action of digitization.
  • Evaluate the drivers (your individual market environment).
  • Look at the automatically prioritized recommendations for action and compare them with your gut feeling.
  • Assess the difficulty of implementing the recommendations for action.
  • Select a manageable number of recommended actions from the “Difficulty – Importance” portfolio.
  • Turn the recommended actions into projects.
  • Determine who should do what by when.
  • Do.

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      Executive Support

      If a company is working at full capacity, has to adapt to new circumstances or is to grow, the managers want to do something with the best of intentions, but are often unable to do so in the busy day-to-day business. Strategic projects that secure the future are left behind.

      This is how we do it: We have turned the proven QFD (Quality Function Deployment) and other strategy methods into a toolbox with which we can work faster than you might expect.

      The procedure is comparable with the creation of this website. We did not program the layout, we selected an existing template and filled it with content. Similarly, regoo has templates for strategic future projects. You don't have to reinvent the successful basic strategy, we'll enter your information together and get results quickly.

      Collection of the internal knowledge

      The fact that even obvious market opportunities remain untapped or that something even has to change urgently is mostly known in the company. In a busy day-to-day business, no one can take the time to grasp the immense internal knowledge in a structured way. We can relieve your workload here.

      This is how we do it: Our method is based on the proven QFD (Quality Function Deployment), which we have optimized with other strategy methods. From the "QFD" module, we take advantage of the fact that market AND technology analyses are inseparably linked. Therefore, your project team must represent the market AND technology interests. We moderate the identification of the relevant topics, the structuring, evaluation and summary in poster size.

      Thanks to the knowledge from market AND technology, managers have weighted options for action and can decide how their team should get to work on the market AND technology issues.

      Include market and competitive information

      To be successful, a product and a service must have unique selling propositions (USP's) in technology AND market communication, because USP's generate enthusiasm and differentiate your company from the competition. Finding your USP's requires market and competition analyses. We are very fast and practice-oriented in this discipline.

      This is how we do it: With a software-supported content analysis system, we search through print and online media, competition documents, etc. The content is structured according to market AND technical content and evaluated using regoo's own algorithms. The result of this external analysis is combined with the internal results of the project team from the previous method step in poster size.

      With transparency about current market and trend topics as well as competitors, managers can strategically position their company in the competitive environment. On the basis of the work results, technology AND sales plan the concrete implementation with marketing. We help you to implement exactly where you want it to be.

      Develop a common target image

      We recommend that you create a target image for three reasons: 1. It is a great relief for managers if the market, trend and competitive information, which would otherwise be difficult to keep track of, is in front of them in the form of posters and thus considerably simplifies decisions. 2 Even committed individuals can achieve little, strategic projects need broad support, and the participants must have the same picture before their eyes. 3. a technically founded and easily understandable representation of the future project works against concerns and resistances. With a good target image you get the staff on board.

      This is how we do it: The results from working with your project team and from the external market and competition analysis are structured according to market AND technical content in such a way that you have the following information at your disposal: Market situation and current changes, your intended company development in changing markets, your strengths, the intended development of your customers in changing markets, their obstacles to the development projects, your market offer to remove the obstacles, comparable offers of your competitors, economic attractiveness of the necessary innovations, etc.

      From this method step the target image becomes reality - we get into doing

      You are guaranteed maximum interest in your technologies and services if your customers have to adapt to market changes and your company can help them better than your competitors. In the target image of the previous method step, the USP's of your future market performance that fulfill this strategically important goal are clearly stated.

      This is how we do it: Together with you we innovate the technology AND the market communication. With the technology we accompany you up to the planning of the parts and componentes as well as the service modules. If you wish, we can take over the conception and production of your market communication.


      Wenn Sie eine Orientierungshilfe brauchen, womit Sie bei der Digitalisierung beginnen sollen, hilft Ihnen meine hochaktuelle Trendanalyse auf pragmatische Weise. Sie wählen in kurzer Zeit die für Ihre Unternehmenssituation ideal passenden Handlungsempfehlungen aus, setzen Projekte auf und kommen schnell ins Tun.

      In meiner 2018 begonnenen und ständig aktualisierten Trendanalyse sind mittlerweile 76 Markttreiber in 15 Themengruppen und 252 Handlungsempfehlungen in 39 Themengruppen strukturiert und priorisiert zusammengetragen. Eine Handlungsempfehlung lautet "Definieren Sie, welche neuen Kunden die Digitalisierung hervorbringen soll". Weitere Handlungsempfehlungen der ExptertInnen aus den unten genannten Quellen erfahren Sie in der Zusammenarbeit mit mir.

      Quellen: v-digital Jahresevent, Dornbirn, Postgarage, 28.1.2020 | digital now E-Business Roadshow, Rankweil, Vinomasaal, 13.11.2019 | Dis.Kurs Zukunft, Bregenz, Festspielhaus, 30.1.2019 | SUMMIT Industrie 4.0, Bregenz, Festspielhaus, 12.12.2018 | Digitaler Wandel in Familienunternehmen, ISBN 978-3-593-50825-2, Campus Verlag, 2018.